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Im Tatiana and I write imagines about Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons, Jacob Latimore and others of your choice. Send in request and submissions. Enjoy!!!

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22. September 2013

Diggy Pov~ 

I walked up and down the mall with my hand on Tracys hip. I looked over my shoulder and saw Y/N. She was a beauty queen of only 18 she had some trouble with herself. I was always there to help her but she always belonged to someone else. She looked at me and smiled. ” Tracy.. I’ll be back !” I exclaimed making my gaze wonder to Y/N. I walked over to her.

" Hey !" She said.

" Hey.. " I greeted back.

" Listen.. Y/N.. I don’t mind spending everyday out on your corner in the pouring rain.." I let out. " Look for you with the broken smile and ask you of you want to stay a while.. Baby.. You will be loved !" I continued.

" Dig.. I know but it’s not always rainbows and butterflies it’s compromise that moves us along. " she sighed. " I’ve had you so many times buy somehow I want more !"

Tracy didn’t know about me and Y/N sneaking around. And I wasnt planning on telling her.

" I know where you hide alone in your car ! I know all of the things that makes you who you are !" I admitted. " I know that goodbyes means nothing at all.. Comes back and begs me catch you everytime you fall !"

She looked at me and ran out the mall. Tracy came over and I ran after Y/N. Of course Tracy chased behind me. I caught up with Y/N and hugged her in front of the mall fountain where Tracy was standing. No more lieing the truth was gonna be let out now !

I held her hands and kissed her knuckles. ” Tap on my window knock on my door, I want to make you feel beautiful !” I exclaimed.

" I know I tend to get so insecure.. But it dosent matter anymore.. Look its not always rainbows and butterflies it’s compromise that moves us along. "

" My heart is full and my doors always open to come anytime you want !" I smiled she looked at me and smiled back.

" She will be loved.. " I murmured. And with that I kissed her. We then turned our attention to a very hurt Tracy. I looked in her gray eyes and pain shot through my body..


Song Of Inspiration : She Will Be Loved

Artist : Maroon 5

Sunday, 22 - 09 - 2013

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